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Geological poetry
Gordon Judge, a member of the Horsham Geological Field Club, is a prolific writer of geological poetry. Almost anything seems to inspire him to put pen to paper and the results have now been published in two volumes - see Gordon’s web site at www.geoverse.co.uk

Following a recent talk to the Club, I was amused to find myself named in Gordon’s latest creation, which I reproduce here with grateful acknowledgements.

Copies of Geoverse 2 can be obtained from Gordon Judge at 19 Heron Way, Horsham, RH13 6DP, at £4 a copy, including p&p.
On the sea-floor of Bracklesham Bay,
Tidal erosion each day
Jiggles and jostles
Its Eocene fossils
And washes them out of the clay.

From there, as the tides come and go,
They’re carried with each ebb and flow
Till they land on the sand
Of the Bracklesham strand,
Where they make a spectacular show.

If it rains, just put up umbrellas
And hunt for your first
Nummulites, Carditas
Oh, there’s nothing as sweet as
When you chance upon these little fellas!

You need a good day at low tide
And must scour the beach, eagle-eyed,
If you want to go back
With a fossil-filled sack
To show to your friends with great pride.

If you’re lucky, and in the right zone,
You may find that you’re not quite alone;
For who might appear
But the expert round here –
Yes, the Bracklesham King, David Bone!

Gordon Judge, 2011