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How to contact me

The best way of initially contacting me is by email at david@dajbone.plus.com. I also have a backup email address of boned838@gmail.com


How much do I charge?

Yes, I do charge for guided walks and talks - at the very least to cover my expenses and a bit for my time. A fee may be charged for professional consultations but simple enquiries are welcomed at no cost. Charges typically start at £35 per event (walk or talk). Rates are negotiable and partly depend on the amount of additional work required in preparation. Please ask.


I do not set the costs charged by other organisations, who may include an additional charge to cover their costs.

Insurance cover should be provided by the event organiser. I do not carry additional insurance as the cost would make my fees prohibitively expensive. Potential hazards during excursions will be identified but participants are really responsible for their own safety.


Participants are advised to ensure that that they are appropriately insured for any incidents.



I will do my best to answer questions on local geology. Photographs should include a scale and be of the highest resolution possible.