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Guided walks

Little or no knowledge of geology? My guided walks are suitable for all levels of experience. I try to open people’s eyes to the wonders of geology that surround us without making the subject too complicated. See . Walks usually last 1½ to 2 hours on a Saturday, Sunday or summer evening.They are not usually strenuous or cover any distance as we spend more time looking at the geology and scenery. View some examples of guided walks and my current programme.


Please note that I do normally make a nominal charge to cover my expenses.

Types of guided walk include:


Landscape - we look at the landscape around us and consider the geological processes that have shaped it. ‘Ice Age Sussex’ is a popular short walk around The Trundle, the hill to the north of Chichester, with views across the South Downs and the West Sussex coastal plain.


Geology - these will typically include some ‘hands on geology’ in a disused quarry, sand or chalk pit. Foreshore exposures around Chichester Harbour, Bracklesham Bay, or Bognor Regis are other ways of seeing the geology.


Building stones - old churches are particularly good as they are often built from a rich variety of stone that has been gathered over many centuries. What are the stones, where do they come from, why were they used? Towns, such as Chichester or Arundel, also provide opportunities for interesting geological walks. More ...



Appropriate footwear and clothing is always recommended. Some trips will require hard hats and high visibility jackets.

‘Pebbles on the beach’ provides a different way of looking at local geology

There are a number of local organisations for whom I regularly or occasionally provide guided walks. Click on the names below to follow links to their web sites.


The Novium, Chichester                                    Chichester Harbour Conservancy

Pagham Harbour Local Nature Reserve                Sussex Archaeological Society

Weald & Downland Open Air Museum                  West Sussex Geological Society